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Multicultural Law Firm with European orientation

Essential news

May 2016: In the matter of an Off-Plan Sale with tax relief intent, we obtained compensation for the buyer where the builder went bankrupt prior to completion. The Notary was deemed liable for failure to exercise duty of care and provide adequate legal counsel, as the transaction did not incorporate sufficient guarantees. Additionally, the Court accepted that damages included not only loss of investment but also loss of opportunity in the form of lost rent and lost tax benefits

September 2015 : We handled a case in front of a Moscow court against a group of companies, where we obtained for our client a favourable verdict against the holding company of an insolvent debtor. The mother company has been sentenced to pay the debt of its subsidiary. The particularity of this procedure was the fact that the shareholder has been held liable as a joint and several debtor for the debts of its subsidiary. This provision of the Russian law requires that the creditor can provide proof of the implication of the mother company in the contractual relationship between the debtor and the creditor

July 2014:
The Register of administrative judicial cases "Lebon" now refers to a decision rendered by the Administrative Court of Appeal of Paris upholding the application of the client of our Law Firm. The Court recognized that any doubts formulated by administration during the proceedings related to the origin and content of evidence must be duly proved (legifrance)

January 2013: The Circle Kondratieff together with the Association of French-Russian Jurists and Lawyers (AAJFR) has organized on 22nd of January 2013 at the House of Paris Bar Association a conference dealing with " Economic Intelligence in Russia” with contribution of Guéorgui Akopov. This event has been highlighted by the press, especially by "La Tribune”.

March 2012: The Human Resources Club of the AAEIAE Paris (University of Panthéon Sorbonne) - of which Isabelle RUISSEAU is the co-ordinator - has a round table dealing with the coaching in companies. For more informations

January 2012: Because of a great success of the first part of the book "Travailler efficacement en Russie" under the title "Bien communiquer avec vos interlocuteurs russes", AFNOR decided to publish a new edition which legal issues were written by our law firm.

April 2011:  Appeal Court in Moscow confirms the decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court regarding the recovery of commercial debt from a Russian Import company to the benefit of a European company, client of AK Avocats law firm. In this case, the opponent tried to invoke the absence of any contractual relations and deliveries (because of the lack of written agreement between the parties). The decision was finally rendered on the basis of unjust enrichment

March 2011: The Arbitration Court of Sankt-Petersburg satisfied the lawsuit against the Russian Bank to the benefit of an European company, client of AK Avocats. The lawsuit was introduced in order to claim damages resulting from the issuance of an invalid bank guaranty (based on tort liability). In this case, the opponent bank referred in particular to the fact that the SWIFT-message would be not sufficient for the recognition of the validity of the bank guaranty

January 2011: Trademark dispute before „Rospatent" has been resolved in favor of the client of AK Avocats – trade mark holder. In this case, a competitor tried to terminate the legal protection of the trademark. Our law firm succeeded to deny the recognition of the lawful interest of the applicant

December 2010: The Supreme Arbitration Court decides in favor of the client of the law firm AK Avocats, all claims of the opponent were denied. In this case, the specificity consists in the fact that only Russian parties were involved without any foreign elements of the case

September 2010: The French customs had to return to the client of the law firm AK Avocats a personal subject of value which was seized earlier by the customs at the moment of border crossing to France. In this case, the customs considered that the fact of non declaration would justify the seizure. After provided documents proving the regularity of non-declaration of this subject, the customs alleged its counterfeit nature. Nevertheless, accepting legal arguments from AK Avocats the customs has finally returned this subject to the client

April 2007:  Valéry Kojevnikov and Guéorgui Akopov found the Law Firm AK Avocats

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